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    Leveraging inside sales skills for the good of our communities

    Let's face it, inside sales folks can catch a lot of flack.  Their occupation is often equated to the telemarketing onslaught that ultimately led to the "No Call List".

    The truth is, that is not the case.  Inside sales professionals today are typically highly educated domain experts who do more consulting throughout their day than actual selling.  They do more listening than talking.

    Make no mistake, though; the best of the best still have that thing, that charm, that certain je ne sais quoi  that enables them to convince others to buy into their ideas, buy into their theories and, quite frankly, buy what they are selling.

    So we decided, why not try to leverage these folks and their skills for the benefit of others in need.  To that end, we've launched Inside Sales for Charity.

    The vision is to produce a few events every year in which Boston area inside sales professionals join forces and raise funds for local organizations that are helping people in our communities; our neighbors, our friends or perhaps even our families.